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    How to Stop Harassing Calls from Debt Collectors

    How to Stop Harassing Calls from Debt Collectors Because debt collection is such a lucrative business in the United States, the industry attracts shrewd people who know how to utilize techniques and tactics to get their commissions from your unpaid debt. With a few simple...

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    Stop Wage Garnishment in Utah

    Learn How to Stop Wage Garnishment in Utah The Utah Court system allows for creditors to collect on unpaid debts through what is known as wage garnishment or a writ of garnishment. The amount of money that’s withdrawn from your check can be up to...

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    Short Sale in Utah

    A Short Sale in Utah May Help Ease Your Financial Troubles Short sales are usually applied when a homeowner is left with no other options than to foreclose on their property. Although this is one of the last options that you should consider, it can...

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