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Denied Checking Account

What To Do When Denied a Checking Account Many Americans today lack basic checking and savings account access because of past financial mistakes. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve, over 8 percent of the U.S. population is denied either a checking, savings, or mutual fund account because of a financial wrongdoing with a bank.…
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Staying Debt Free After Bankruptcy

Your Financial Health Post Bankruptcy The reasons to file for bankruptcy are as diverse as the people who participate in them. For some, bankruptcies are caused by a sudden and unexpected event like the loss of a job. But for most Americans, the cause of bankruptcy stems from simply living beyond one's means. Staying debt…
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Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

When to Use an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing Emergency bankruptcies often stem from people putting off bankruptcy until a bank or creditor action is imminent. Such emergency filings are often the result of a home foreclosure, a vehicle repossession, judgement, eviction, or wage garnishments. With an emergency bankruptcy, an attorney is usually able to start the…
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Tax Refunds and Bankruptcy

How to Keep Your Tax Refund if You Intend to File for Bankruptcy It’s that time of year where some of you may be looking forward to getting money back when you file your tax returns. But if you’re struggling with debts and considering a bankruptcy, you may or may not be able to keep…
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